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Taking Care of your Tattoo is Very Important in Keeping Your Tattoo Looking New and Not Fading. Below are Some Instructions For Everyone, After you Get a New Tattoo, a Cover Up, or Retouching a Tattoo. Please Follow These Steps Carefully for the Best Possible Results!

Tattoo After Care

1.) Leave Bandage on for 1 Hour
2.) Clean Tattoo with Warm Soap and Water
3.) Apply a Thin Coat of Aquaphor Over Your Tattoo
4.) Continue Using the Aquaphor for the Next 2 Weeks. Approximately Every 3 Hours (Just a Thin Coat. Enough to Keep it Shiny.) "When it's Dry, Apply"
5.) Do Not Pick or Scratch the Tattoo
6.) No Direct Sunlight or Tanning Beds.
7.) No Swimming. (Showering is ok; However, it is Best Not to Soak it in the Tub, Pool, or Hot Tub.)
8.) Enjoy Your New Tattoo!
9.) If you Have any Questions, Comments, or Concerns, Feel Free to Call Us! That's What We're Here for!
I Worked Very Hard to Give You the Best Quality Work. It's Up to You to Make Sure your Tattoo Stays Looking it's Best.