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Mom's Piercing And Tattoos Aftercare in Auburn, New York

Body piercings literally make you stand out from the crowd. However, you have to follow some specific recommendations to make sure that your pierced areas remain healthy.
What to Expect
After the initial piercing you may experience some bleeding, swelling or tenderness, redness, discoloration, and possibly some bruising around the area. During healing some discoloration, itching, secretions of whitish or yellow fluid (not pus) will form around the outside of the incision or entry point of the jewelry. This is also known as the “the crusty stage.”
How to Care for Your Pierced Area
Mom's Piercing And Tattoos recommends you clean all piercings twice daily, and avoid over-cleaning. Be patient with the healing process of your piercing, some take longer to heal than others.
Ensuring Proper Healing:
  • Do not take jewelry out during healing process, only rotate after cleaning, and rinse well!
  • Do not let a body piercing come into contact with any other bodily fluids or clothing.
  • Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or deodorant soaps; these may cause damage to healthy cells or cause scar tissue.
  • Avoid products that contain petroleum products, which collect and promote bacteria growth.
  • Avoid tanning beds, hot tubs, swimming pools, lakes, and oceans during the healing process.
  • Do not sleep on piercing!
  • Avoid touching, picking, waxing, or changing jewelry.
  • Avoid using a washcloth or loofah on piercings. This can promote bacteria growth.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothing along with moving, tugging, or pulling of the piercing. This includes heavy lifting, aerobics, gymnastics, etc.
  • Avoid makeup, lotions, or oils on pierced area. This can promote bacteria growth.
  • Make sure the navel cavity is moisture free.
Oral Piercing Aftercare
Prevent issues with your lip and tongue piercings by following some practical rules such as avoiding taking aspirin during the healing process. (Ibuprofen or Tylenol™ is preferred, and take as recommended.) Avoid alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, caffeine, and ice, these promote infection and swelling. Spicy, acidic, and salty foods are also discouraged, and a soft food diet is recommended. You should also drink a lot of bottled water to help with the healing process. For therapeutic purposes, use non-alcohol mouthwash, bottled water, and a sea salt mix after eating.
Aggressive cleaning and over-cleaning your piercing can prolong the time it takes to heal. Playing, tugging, or pulling can tear out the new cells and can also result in a longer healing process.
Watch for Infections
The most common cause of infection is repeatedly touching a piercing with unclean hands. If you suspect an infection, please call Mom's Piercing And Tattoos immediately at (315) 255-4670. Signs of an infection include; Prolonged Pain, Shift of Piercing, Excessive Discharge, Sever Discoloration, and/or Swelling.